H επόμενη διοργάνωση!



A) Hosted Buyers Program for 50 international visitors from selected foreign target markets for 500 prearranged meetings (B2B) with 50 interested exporting exhibitors

Our company 3EK Exhibition Organizers will offer free transport or / and hotel stay depending on the case, supporting the extrovertiness of the Greek exporting exhibitors

The interested exhibitors owe to contact promptly the Organizers (at least six months before the exhibitions) in order to receive information relevant to their profile for correct matchmaking and booking of meetings


B) Awarding of prizes ceremony for exhibitors who participate continuously at Syskevasia exhibition since 1988 (first execution)


C) Electronic preregistration (on-line registration) and on site registration of visitors with barcode issue


D) Electronic collection of visitors’ data by the exhibitors themselves at their stands

Cost per exhibitor for all days for two codes (two smartphones) 100€

For analytical information and specifications, please see relevant info in our sites


E) Upgrading of logistics services at Metropolitan Expo (on site unloading, loading, storage rooms, etc) entrusting (outsourcing) the company MTS Expo Logistics. See their site www.mtsexpolog.com for services and charges


F) Increase of parallel with exhibitions technological, commercial and scientific events such as conferences, speeches, presentations.


Προβολή Εκθετών / Exhibitors Promotion