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SYSKEVASIA 18 – Visitors Profile

  • Large, medium, small industries and cooperatives of food in general
  • Large, medium, small industries and cooperatives of drinks, juices, beverages, wine, beer, vinegar and bottled water
  • Large, medium, small industries, cooperatives and workshops for production of pastry, olives, olive oil, dairy products, honey, fruits, vegetables, meat, sausages, fish, dried fruits, bakery and confectionary
  • Industries and workshops of printing, publishing, paper processing and tissue
  • Industries and small companies producing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, colors, cosmetics, personal hygiene goods, cleaning, petroleum,
    mineral oil, cement, plasters, marine goods
  • Companies of biological products, spices, aromatic plants, herbs, animal and poultry products, pet products, flowers, nurseries, fertilizers and soils
  • Plastic and rubber companies
  • Companies of construction materials, hydraulics, electrics, electronics, energy, isolation, cooling and heating
  • Companies and machine shops of minerals, steel and metal
  • Companies of spinning, textile and clothing
  • Companies of catering, restaurants, coffee bars, fast food, hotels
  • Supermarkets, minimarkets, liquor stores, grocery stores
  • Warehouses of packaging products, papers, plastics
  • Companies of logistics, warehouses, packing houses, custom clearance
  • Wholesale, distribution, importing, exporting, representatives, retail companies
  • Companies supplying business, stores, furniture and lighting
  • Companies of advertising, marketing, media, promotion systems, signing and advertising gifts
  • Shops of jewelry, watches, smoking kinds, toys, tourist, popular art, drugs, bread candies, paints, car products and accessories
  • Medical, dental and veterinarian companies
  • Research, technology and innovation companies
  • Owners, managing directors, CEO, presidents, managers for supplies production, warehouses, marketing, advertising. Engineers, mechanic engineers, chemists, chemical engineers, food technologists, graphic designers, pharmacists, doctors staff
  • Professors, students, informatics, web design, environmentalists, company consultants, government executives, journalists, representatives of embassies and chamber of commerce
  • International visitors